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About Us

UZBAŞ Tarım Ürünleri Turizm Gıda Enerji Sanayi

UZBAŞ Agricultural Products, Tourism, Food, Industry and Trade Limited Company was founded in 1996. UZBAŞ is a leading and growing company in the plantation of landscaping plants sector particularly in growing Mediterranean Palm-trees, Tropical and Sub-tropical plants.

Our farmland, situated at Urla, a district of the city of Izmir, covers a surface area of 2.000.000 square meters where we have grown, in the soil or in pots, 250.000 palm trees -each representing one of the 52 selected best varieties of its kind. With the existing 5000 square meters green house, nurturing very special types of plants, our farmland is equipped with modern and high-technology systems and agricultural products. Other than palm-tree varieties, we grow, import and sell shrubs, miniature trees and other kinds of trees, all durable and fit for long years of existence under different climatic conditions and environments.

UZBAŞ Tarım Ürünleri Turizm Gıda Enerji Sanayi

Our plantation where some types of palm-trees were grown for the first time on an experimental basis in the Anatolian soil, is proud to present its services to many well-known top companies, organizations and corporations.